Disc Pump – High-performance sampling disc pumps for next-generation gas detection

Silent, compact micropumps with unrivalled features, enabling cutting-edge innovation across environmental and industrial sectors. Watch our short video!

Why choose Disc Pump?

Tightening legislation and the growing global focus on air quality, worker safety and environmental emissions are driving the requirements for a new generation of measurement and monitoring systems. With its combination of high performance, pulsation-free flow, controllability and size, the multi award-winning Disc Pump distributed from ION Science is well placed to enable the development of these systems, from gas samplers and detectors, to laboratory analysers and particle counters.

“Disc Pump’s smooth flow is important to prevent noise on our sensors – the lower the noise, the greater sensitivity we can achieve. It will also help us to easily maintain constant flow via a feedback loop – as our system will change over time this is an important benefit.”
– Peter Morris, Business Unit Manager – Sensors, ION Science Ltd

Disc Pump Products:

  • BL Series
  • XP Series
  • LT Series